LWA-C series


Case Type: Aluminum, Slim Line, Linear


Input Voltage: 120Vac-277vac


Design: Constant Current


Output Range: 500mA-12000mA


Power Ratings: 040W | 050W | 055W | 060W | 075W | 080W| 096W | 120W | 150W | 200W | 240W | 320W | 400W | 480W

Class: UL Listed, Class P, Type HL


Options Available:

  • Dimming: 0-10V/PWM/Timer/DALI/DMX
  • DMX Dimming(Embedded DMX)
  • Dim-to-off
  • Near Field Communication Programmable
  • High Power



  • Indoor and outdoor applications


See datasheet for full specifications.

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Model Numbers: LWA040-C, LWA050-C, LWA055-C-L, LWA060-C, LWA075-C-L, LWA075-C, LWA080-C-L, LWA096-C, LWA096-C-L,  LWA150-C, LWA200-C-B, LWA240-C,  LWA320-C-B, LWA400-C, LWA400-C-HV


Today, in keeping with the demand for the highest-quality and highest-efficiency LED Drivers to power and control the smart-lighting applications created by the most gifted Design Engineers throughout the world, Autec Power Systems introduces a line of IP67 high-efficiency Outdoor LED Drivers with Near Field Communication Programmable options. Autec Power Systems’ LWA(90-305Vac) and LHA(180-528Vac) Series models LED Drivers are offered in a range of models (40W to 400W) designed to cover most applications. Each model is constructed using the most reliable and long-life electronic components and undergoes 100% full-load burn-in testing to ensure optimal performance, reliability and safety. All models are UL Listed, Class P and Type HL rated for use in the most demanding environments built to withstand the test of temperature, water, lightning surges to 10kV, and time – with all the vital features and components safely contained within the industry’s most compact case size. Please contact your Autec Power Technical Sales Representative today and discover if our LED Driver series “Leafy” will prove to be the perfect solution for your unique lighting application!

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