L4WVP Series


Case Type: Metal, Aluminum


Input Voltage: 108Vac-305Vac, 90Vac-305Vac


Design:  Constant Voltage


Output Range:  0mA-20000mA


Power Ratings: 120W | 150W | 200W | 320W | 500W | 600W | 700W

Class: UL Recognized


Options Available:

  • Digital programming with external module and software
  • Dimming: 0(0.05)-10V/PWM/external resistor/clock/DMX
  • High Power



  • Indoor and outdoor applications


See datasheet for full specifications.

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Model Numbers: L4WVP120S, L4WVP150S, L4WVP200S, L4WVP320S, L4WVP500S, L4WVP600S, L4WVP700S


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