Ensuring Ethical Practices And Products Through Conflict-Free Minerals

Westlake Village, CA: Autec Power Systems has been committed to ethical business practices since our inception. This has never been more important than with the rise of conflict minerals used in electronic components throughout the technology industry in the last decade. These minerals include tin (cassiterite ore), tungsten (wolframite ore), tantalum (coltan ore), and gold. It’s important to note that these minerals are used extensively in not only power supplies and power solutions, but throughout society in things like airplanes, cell phones, jewelry and medical equipment. Militant groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have used the theft, sale and profits from these minerals to wage war and sustain a more than decade long conflict. Pressure from organizations seeking ethical alternatives have caused the United States government to pass a measure requiring the disclosure of supply chains from consumer electronics companies. Thanks in large part to these efforts and the overall addressing of this major international issue by the public, the number of militant controlled mines and refiners have been greatly reduced allowing for more conflict-free mineral sources.

It is Autec Power Systems policy to not intentionally or knowingly purchase products, components, or materials that contain conflict minerals. We strive to avoid contributing to conflicts through our sourcing practices. Autec Power Systems is taking steps to ensure that the use of key component materials meet the  aforementioned Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. We request our suppliers be DRC conflict-free and source from smelters validated as compliant to a Conflict-Free Smelter protocol using the CFS Compliant Smelter List. We also require suppliers to provide a completed Conflict Minerals Reporting Template to provide reasonable assurance that the specified minerals are not being sourced from “Conflict Regions.” We ask our suppliers to work with us in our efforts to ensure we procure non-conflict minerals. We encourage our suppliers to responsibly source non-conflict minerals and derivative metals from the DRC and neighboring countries in order to prevent an embargo and associated worsening of economic conditions and human suffering.

To read more regarding our commitment to ethical business practices and the use of conflict-free minerals in our power solutions, the full conflict mineral statement can be found in the footer of each web-page.


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